Mobile Discos & Karaoke for hire



Aim: To ensure your event is talked about long after it is over!

A professional and reliable service since 1991. Bright Lights has established itself as a top class show. The advantages soon become clear with audio and visual equipment that will impress anybody.
At the centre of this independent mobile disco is your DJ and host Rob James. Giving a personal touch to a professional service distinguishes him from most other DJs. With the ability to play music to suit any occasion the playlist is tailored to your party. The dance floor is always packed. The combination of Rob James, an excellent sound system and breathtaking lights is a recipe for success.

For your peace of mind Bright Lights Disco holds full public liability insurance, ProDub licence and also all equipment checked for electrical safety. Certificates can be viewed upon request.

Now offering, The Video Disco - Add the "WOW Factor" to your celebrations
Basically, it's the same as conventional DJ'ing, except instead of playing just the music, the accompanying Music Video is displayed on my twin LCD screens. It really is fantastic, adds an incredible amount of "wow factor", most people comment on it, saying that they've never seen a Video DJ and how much it adds to their enjoyment. A large selection of Music Video's are available to play, both new and old, including all the new chart releases on Video every week. These are not available to the general public, only to bona fide Video DJ's.

Specialist VJ equipment enables the Music Video's to be mixed in the same way that CDs can be.
It is easy to swap between using the screens for Video DJ'ing or displaying pictures. If the video for a particular song is missing from the library, then it can still be played and the screens will automatically show either supplied pictures or a "visual". The screens can also be used to show any pictures. Wedding pictures, or if it's a birthday party, then pictures of the Birthday Boy or Girl could be displayed. Extra care and attention is taken to ensure everything goes to plan from the time you book until after the last song is played on the night.

Planning a wedding abroad?
If you are planning a wedding abroad, give your friends and family a chance to celebrate with you and organise a party for your return. Take advantage of the brand new video disco to show your wedding photos for everyone who didn't get the chance to be there with you.

Your music requests are always welcome
A request service is always available to you leading up to the big day where you get to pick the songs you would like played. Many couples provide a list of tracks in advance of the reception to ensure they hear their favourites. These will be played at an appropriate time in the evening and mixed with some tracks that are guaranteed to go down well in order to make the night a success. Requests from your guests are always welcome on the night. Alternatively, you can leave it all to Rob where any party will seem effortless.

Background music during the wedding breakfast is very popular for creating the right atmosphere and smoothing the transition to the evening reception. Rob can be booked for a few extra hours to provide subtle background music at your request. If you prefer, only a discreet sound system will be set up during the wedding breakfast which may help with venue appearance for your photos.

BRIGHT LIGHTS DISCO is available as a small, medium or large set-up. Any of these options can be supplied to suit the size of the room, the selection of lighting required, whether or not the video option is required etc.

Another benefit of this service is that a roaming microphone can be available for the speeches and any other announcements. It is a great shame to see that so much time and effort goes in to planning a great speech only to not be heard clearly. You put a lot of time and effort deciding on the perfect elements of your wedding, dress, venue, catering, and all the details. So why not book some great entertainment for the evening to complete your wedding day and make it memorable for you and your guests.

Remember, it is your special day so let's celebrate your marriage in style. Let's finish off a fantastic day with a fantastic party and all your guests will be leaving thinking what a great time they have had and will be talking about your wedding for years to come !!