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VIC CRACKNELL - Singalong pianist


Pub Piano Singalongs
Many years ago in the 1920's, 30's, 40's and 50's most homes and pubs had an upright piano (or Joanna) in them. This was particularly popular in London and the East End. The tradition for a good time was for a community "sing-song" to a pianist. Unlike Karaoke, which is usually one person singing, an old fashioned sing along by the piano gets everyone singing along together.

London Songs
Vic can be hired to play the old London pub piano favourites like Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner, Down At The Old Bull & Bush, Lambeth Walk , Bye Bye Blackbird, Roll Out The Barrel and many, many more. Vic can also add in more contemporary sing-along's as well from You'll Never Walk Alone and Delilah to Hey Jude, Price Tag and many others.

We celebrated my mother's 100th birthday with an indoor street party for her sixty friends and relatives. The day was a fantastic success thanks to Vic Cracknell playing the music and leading the singing of the old London songs. We had so many compliments from our guests on how much they enjoyed singing along to Vic, he made it a perfect party. Mike Newell

What if I don't have a piano?
No problem if you don't have a piano in your house for a house party or in your pub for a theme night perhaps. Vic can bring his own digital piano.

Song Sheets
Vic will bring song sheets for your party guests to sing along with so everyone can join in if they wish.