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Steven's art is appreciated by guests everywhere, especially at weddings, conferences, exhibitions, promotions, dinners, balls, parties and more!
Working either standing and mingling with guests, or seated, a light hearted caricature drawn in black and white or colour on A4 paper usually takes about four minutes. A well drawn caricature drawn by a friendly and professional caricaturist or cartoonist is an unforgettable memento of your event for your guests or clients.

Steven has over 20 years experience working as a live caricaturist. In that time he has done practically everything. Ranging from drawing Mr Ryan (he of the low cost airline) on one of his aircraft chartered for his 60th birthday through to working for Motorola on top of the Schilthorn mountain in The Swiss Alps at the famous Piz Gloria restaurant. he has travelled as far as Curacao in the Caribbean to work for KLM right down to drawing disadvantaged children at a summer outdoor activity camp one and half miles from his home! (the only job he has done that he has been able to walk to) Throw in France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Finland and Iceland in Europe, Morocco and Egypt in North Africa and finally Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the Middle East for good measure. Not forgetting practically every major town and City in the UK (Apart from Grimsby!) Steven knows every Motorway Service station there is to know plus a few hidden gems where only the locals go!
Recently he and his wife were taking a pleasure cruise on the Thames from Westminster down to Greenwich, and Steven couldn't help pointing out to her as they passed all the landmarks and famous buildings... I have worked there... I have worked there...etc. These included the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge amongst others.