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Alan specializes in drawing stylish caricatures at events. His caricatures bring laughter and wonder for the onlookers and make great gifts for the guests to take home, something personal that they're likely to frame.
Alan's work can be digital (on iPad) or on paper.

Alan has been a full time caricaturist since 2015, usually drawing at 120 events a year, often up to 90 faces
in one night.

Caricatures are a good way to get the fun started at weddings. The brides always say it's a great hit. If guests are not being drawn, they get to watch the magic unfold. People are hesitant at first but after a few drawings start circulating, everyone's making sure they're getting a turn. Caricatures make for a great wedding gift; something personalised that they can take home.

I usually draw 14 faces (7 couples) per hour. I tend to draw outside after the ceremony during the welcome drinks and then move inside to a corner and carry on during reception. I pause during speeches (but don't charge for rests).

I usually use the venue's seating. It's best to have me in a well enough lit area but I do bring backup lighting in case. I don't need a lot of space, just enough for me and a couple to sit at. I mostly draw couples on A3 paper and singles on A4. I can also draw groups of up to 6.

Born in the UK and bred in SA. That's South Africa - I grew up mostly in Cape Town.

I finished a BA degree in design at Stellenbosch University. I then moved up to Johannesburg to work as a designer. After 16 years in graphic and motion design, I found my calling - drawing caricatures.
After 5 years of drawing caricatures full time in South Africa, I've come to settle in the UK.

I love my dogs, cooking strange things, playing squash and plinky plonking on my guitar. I'm married to a bonny lass whose made of steel. She's always encouraging my drawing and discouraging my singing. We have a handsome little son.

A famous artist needs an heir!

Timelapse wedding caricatures (video):