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COMEDY ACTS for hire

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As it says on the label, my name is JOHNNY TAIT, from the Elephant & Castle. Brought up amongst the Barrow Boys, I learnt to make people laugh at a very early age. As I wasn't that quick with my fists - or my legs - I was quick at comedy, and making people laugh got me out of a lot of scrapes!!! I realised that I loved meeting people and so I bravely set out my stall in many different street markets and learned the art of selling my wares by having a smile on my face and making my customers happy and feel special. I also loved entertaining my family and friends, and so I chose a career as a Redcoat in Butlins. They were some of the best years of my life, and when I felt I was 'ready' I took to the road as a travelling cabaret act. I then hankered after something different, and became Entertainments Manager at various holiday parks around the UK.
After several years captaining and teaching great teams, I was getting the urge to take to the road again, and so here I am !!!

I'm 'OLD SCHOOL' ladies & gents.
None of this 'alternative comedy' for me.
My Mum & Dad were entertained during WW2 by the great Max Miller - always risqué, very funny - and NO swearing !!!
And that is what I pride myself on.

I can - and will - adapt my comedy set for any audience, young or old, holiday park or theatre, corporate event or military base, working man's club or Old Peoples Homes!!!

And I DON'T SWEAR. That's just taking the comedy lift down to the basement level, and to be quite honest, once you start with gutter language, the audience - whoever they may be - switch off pretty darn quick!!!
So I love to do the daft stuff, interspersed with stories and poems, yarns about growing up - and growing old, clever stuff with a great double meaning - because if I can make you think something - and I don't say it - thats 'job done'.


We can supply comedians for all types of audiences, if you like cheeky but clean comedy we have the ideal comics for you - or should you require somebody a little more risque, no problem whatsoever