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Premier family entertainer for 1-100 year olds!
Over 3,500 children's parties to date!
Take the stress out of your children's party

"They loved it! And it was so calm!"
Professional, Punctual, Efficient, Charming, Funny
"Fantastic!" Jasper Conran
"Yeah, very good ...." Jack Dee

Looking for party entertainers? Juggling John is a children's birthday party entertainer, a children's party magician and birthday party clown, a juggler, jester and more.
As a children's entertainer Juggling John brings juggling, magic, clown and circus to your children's event or birthday party. He is fully police checked and insured and is a member of Equity and the Magic Circle.
Because of his huge experience of children's parties there is very little that Juggling John has not come across in terms of children's birthday party guests. He is thus able to tailor each show to the right level for your particular age group. He is also particularly adept at performing to a multi-generational crowd at events such as street parties, church fetes, school fairs, big family celebration parties and the like. He is an all-round entertainer!

John dons a different personna when he appears as JOHNNY OXFORD and entertains adults with a fine mix of magic and illusions.

Whether you are in an intimate private dining room or a huge banqueting hall, Johnny Oxford provides charming and witty magic to give your guests an evening of wonder to remember forever.

A typical programme would include strolling close-up magic around pre-dinner drinks, great as an ice-breaker, followed by tableside magic between courses during dinner.

If you wish you can add a 15-20 minute show of magic, mind reading and comedy for the whole room. This works well after dinner or, if you have speeches, between main course and dessert.

Strolling magic during the photographs - give waiting guests something they'll never forget!

Table magic during the wedding breakfast; each table gets their own 5-10 minute show... then with a bit of ice-breaking walkabout close-up magic for evening-only guests?

How about a 45 minute show to keep the children happy during the speeches? Maybe with a fire eating finale for everyone to watch?

Obviously these are just ideas, it's your day, you will do it your way. Johnny is hugely flexible and is happy to fit in with whatever plans you have.